“Click at nature!” – Big photo competition for Natura 2000 sites

December 17, 2020
Categories: Announcements

Greece is fortunate to be one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity, both at the European and at the global level. Although its cover area is small, our country is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, hosting a significant variety of species and an impressive mosaic of ecosystems.

The Natura 2000 network, the world’s largest network of protected areas, is one of the most valuable tools at our disposal for preserving this natural heritage. In Greece, the Natura 2000 network covers 446 sites, protecting 299 species of plants and animals, 128 species of birds and 89 different types of habitats. It protects the most valuable and sensitive features of Greek nature.

WWF Greece and the partners of the LIFE-IP 4 NATURA project invite you to become ambassadors of Greek nature and Natura 2000 sites. Get to know these 446 areas of our country, capture their beauty and the wealth of life they host and protect with your camera lens, as well as highlight their importance for the life of us all.

The Natura 2000 – Click at Nature! photo competition is supported by PHOTOgrafos Magazine and is open to both professional and amateur photographers, who will compete in separate categories, claiming rich prizes worth a total of €4,800.

Whether you are just a traveller, passionate about photography, or aware of nature conservation issues, you may join us in completing the pieces of a puzzle that will highlight the importance of Natura 2000 sites. By safeguarding nature and what it provides us with, we are much better equipped to face the major challenges of our times. As the consequences of biodiversity loss and climate change affect our daily routines, lives and health as never before, it is clear that protecting the natural environment is a strong foundation for a secure future.

Submission of entries closes on Friday, 30 April 2021. The winners will be announced on 21 May 2021, in the European Natura 2000 Day celebration event.