Everything you’d like to know about protected areas in a seminar

June 14, 2023
Categories: Announcements

How important is Greece’s biodiversity and why does it concern you?

What categories of protected areas do we have in our country?

What is the Natura 2000 network and how does it protect the most valuable and threatened species and habitats across Europe?

Everything you would like to know about the biodiversity of Greece and the role of protected areas in our country will be discussed in the new webinar organized by WWF Greece in the framework of the LIFE-IP 4 NATURA project, on the theme of “Biodiversity and protected areas in Greece”.

The aim of the seminar is to build knowledge, improve understanding and clarify interesting and important issues that concern us all.

It is an introduction to the concept of biodiversity and the need to conserve it, and focuses on the institution of protected areas as a key tool that ensures the compatibility of human activities with the protection of nature.

It targets all interested groups of citizens related to Natura 2000 areas either through their professional activity or as members of civil society.

The seminar will take place in two parts with a duration of two hours each and will take place on three alternative dates from 21 to 30 June 2023.

Use the following links to register. Choose the day and time that best suits you for the first and second part of the seminar respectively.


For part A

Wednesday June 21, time 18.00-20.00

Thursday, June 22, time 12.00-14.00

Friday 23 June, time 10.00-12.00

For part B

Wednesday, June 28, time 18.00-20.00

Thursday, June 29, time 12.00-14.00

Friday June 30, time 10.00-12.00