Shielding endangered species and habitats

November 1, 2018
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Species Action Plans are one of the most important tools in the conservation of biological diversity. One of the main objectives of LIFE-IP 4 NATURA is the development and legal adoption of Action Plans (Aps) for species and habitats of Community Interest.


To that end, MEEN organized 7 workshops with experts and beneficiary representatives and a list of species and habitats has already been finalised.

The selection was based on a list of specific criteria:

a) priority species/habitats in Europe that are included in the EU Nature Directives and the Greek PAF,

b) current conservation status and conservation priority, present threats and pressures,

c) current knowledge on the species biology and detailed knowledge on the range and distribution of the species/habitat on a national level,

d) provisional cost for the implementation of the APs,

e) possibility for achieving measurable conservation results from the implementation of the APs over a five-year period, taking also into account cost efficiency and feasibility criteria.


The species and habitats included are:




2,250 Coastal sand dunes with Juniperus spp.


Silene holzmannii


Parnassius apollo

Inland freshwater fishes

· Salmo lourosensis, Salmo macedonicus, Salmo farioides, Salmo pelagonicus, Salmo peristericus

· Ladigesocypris ghigii

Amphibians and reptiles

· Pelophylax cerigensis

· Caretta caretta

Birds Gyps fulvus, Gypaetus barbatus, Aegypius monachus
Land mammals

· Rupicapra rupicapra balkanica

· Ursus arctos


· Phocoena phocoena

· Tursiops truncatus

Marine mammals

Monachus monachus

*For the species that are underlined, there are Action Plans already drafted in the past which will be updated.

A specification document which defines in detail the APs’ structure was also prepared and delivered to MEEN, which will undertake all the steps necessary towards the legal approval of the APs.