The LIFE-IP 4 Natura project at the 4th Med Biogeographical Seminar’s Knowledge Market

April 22, 2024
Categories: Announcements

A Knowledge Market, i.e. a special event fostering the exchange of experiences and good practices, was organized in the framework of the 4th Mediterranean Biogeographic Seminar, which took place in Larnaca, Cyprus, 17-19 April. The Knowledge Market featured 25 projects and LIFE-IP 4 Natura was also present! Representatives of the Green Fund and NECCA had the opportunity to present the project tools developed in the framework of the LIFE-IP 4 Natura project for the effective management of NATURA 2000 sites and the protection of species and habitats.

The Biogeographical Seminar was attended by representatives from all 8 Mediterranean countries, as well as representatives of the European Commission. Among the topics discussed was the implementation of the Habitats Directive, with an emphasis on issues such as the establishment of specific conservation objectives and the establishment of favourable reference values for species and habitat types of EU interest, the establishment of strict protection areas and the commitments that member states need to undertake by 2030.